MindMattersRx is a multi-faceted muscle building protein superfood supplement using organic Plant protein. MindMattersRx boosts strength and recovery and increases Nitric oxide production, improves nutrient delivery and balances hormones to boot. It is highly effective for brain health.

An increase in Nitric oxide levels improves circulation and provides a host of other benefits. Hawthorn is in the formula as well as beet juice as this combination has been shown to increase Nitric oxide levels. There are several other Nitric oxide production boosters including L-citruline.

MRIs have shown that, just hours after drinking beet juice, the brain was flooded with a steady flow of blood mainly in the areas that are associated with poor cognition as we get older.

MindMattersRx goes beyond boosting Nitric oxide. It also contains ingredients that help your body make the most of the Nitric oxide.
Full spectrum proteins - raw, organic, bio fermented, with all the enzymes on-board.
Therapeutic doses of medicinal mushrooms and super foods that nourish cellular processes, spark energy and rebuild essential hormone foundation and framework.
Buffers, cleaners and transporters from pectin, zeolite and micro-silica physically supporting thousands of physiological processes.
Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 enhances the ability of cells to process Nitric oxide. It also keeps your brain and nerves healthy and working properly.
Vitamin C and other plant based antioxidants: Help your cells to manage the Nitric oxide available throughout your body. It helps grow and repair tissues, and enhances mineral absorption for stronger bones.
Sea based Magnesium and Potassium: Helps maintain a healthy heart rhythm. It prevents calcium from building up in your arteries. And it relaxes the muscles in your arteries so blood flows smoothly.
Worlds best prebiotic, proven to boost good bacteria levels and overall balance

The naturally occurring amino acids in the protein powder are boosted by
Beta-Alanine, an amino acid that combines with the amino acid histidine in muscle cells to form carnosine, which is critical for muscle strength.
Citrulline Malate is a combo of the amino acids citrulline and malic acid. Citrulline increases energy levels by removing ammonia from the body in a process that delays fatigue and improves recovery.

Pterostilbene (terro-STILL-bean), found in blueberries, grapes, and in the bark of the Indian Kino Tree, has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Scientists have discovered that this plant extract related to resveratrol mimics many of the beneficial effects of caloric restriction. It regulates genes involved in the development of cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and the system-wide inflammation that underlies a variety of age-related disorders.

Ingredients: All Organic Protein Base 7,040mg: Bio-fermented Rice powder 2,640mg, Sprouted Flax seed powder 2,640mg, Hemp Protein Powder 880mg, Bio-fermented Pea Protein 880mg.
Organic U.S. Grown Medicinal Mushrooms 430mg: Cordyceps Sinensis, Lions Mane (Hericium Erinaceus).
Proprietary blend of Nitric oxide precursors 3,310mg: Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, Beet juice powder, Fenugreek 4:1, Ashwagandha extract 2.5% , Hawthorne berry, Cinnamon powder, Green Tea extract 4:1, Mangosteen extract, Piperine.
Proprietary immune support blend 1,560mg: Pomegranate juice powder, Gotu Kola 4:1, Aloe Vera Extract 10:1, Raspberry Ketones, Turmeric 95% Extract, Hawthorn Berry 2% Extract, Hawthorn Leaf 1.8% Extract, Blueberry 10:1 Extract, Bacopa extract 20% Saponins, Gymnema (25% Gymnemic Acid), Coleus 20% Extract, Mulethi Extract, Garcinia Cambogia 60% HCA, Guggul Extract
Proprietary Digestive Support Blend 1,245mg: Wild crafted Pectin, micronized Zeolite, Aquamin (FOS Prebiotic), Nutraflora
Enzyme and Probiotic blend
Proprietary cleansing and mineral blend 1,415mg: Food grade Diatomaceous Earth, Pyrophylite, Vitamin C, Pascalite, Aulterra

Use 1 or 2 containers per month $99.95 for 1 lb powder


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