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In this section we cover various brain supplements and brain support products. There are, of course, other issues that when corrected will improve brain function, such as brain detoxification, feeding the brain, or when inflammation is going on in the brain. These will be covered in their own sections. These products and supplements are listed according to how effective in general they are.

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Science has shown that many of todays diseases may be caused by our diet, often full of damaged fats. NeuroCare2 counteracts this by supplying two Parent Essential Oils (PEOs). These are cold-pressed oils that have not been heated or chemically processed so that they retain enough naturally occurring antioxidants to remain fresh and physiologically active. These oils supply a specific ratio of un-denatured Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids in a ratio that is optimal for brain function and brain repair.

With the oils in NeuroCare2 you get much more than just the ideal ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 for brain health. You have a powerful anti-inflammatory and immune support supplement. It is best to double up the first 2 or 3 months so your cells can soak up this high quality oil and replace the damaged oil that is not helping them.

Ingredients: Organic cold-pressed: Black Cumin seed oil, Black Currant seed oil.
4 oz. bottle that supplies 25 1 tsp servings


Brain Power

One of the rare products that use fish oils in the right way, along with other nutrients to promote deep healing in the body and brain. The other two supplements Brain Power is designed to work synergistically with are Liver Strength and Ultimate Fish Blend.

240 softgels $69.95 on sale
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CellPro is a multi-faceted muscle building protein superfood supplement using organic Plant protein. CellPro boosts strength and recovery and increases Nitric oxide production, improves nutrient delivery and balances hormones to boot. It is highly effective for brain, lung and heart muscle repair. Tests quite strong for situations where health improvement and recovery are needed.

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1 pound powder container $117.00 or, 3+ $112.00 each


StressDefense delivers therapeutic levels of twelve highly researched wellness boosting ingredients. It also works to balance and help normalize emotions. Users report feeling “dark clouds” lifting from their outlook within moments of use. This effect can be tracked to the high purity essential oil component, which brings with it the nurturing focus of tens of thousands of medicinal flowers.

4 oz liquid $99.95 or, 3+ $89.95 each
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Neuroliminal Training CD

Listen to this CD as you sleep. It will aid sleep, help reduce allergies and more. It combines Sensory Motor Response therapy, a proprietary (audio) process that engages the subconscious mind and modifies brain waves in ways to improve specific conditions, and Reflected Hypnotic Induction, a form of hypnosis that's reconfigured into a powerful relaxation technique.

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Custom Elixir MY

This custom elixir supplies energies designed to tell your body to repair damaged bits of the myelin sheath that coats the nerves.

2 oz liquid $39.95 3+ $36.95 each


When used for the brain, this specialty formulation of Co Enzyme Q10 and Germanium act as a powerful anti-oxidant, helping the brain to deal with free radical damage caused by too many toxins stored in the brain.

200 mg of a unique ester CoQ10 that is 18 times better absorbed than regular CoQ10.

30 capsules $49.95 or 6+ 39.95 each
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Usherite TetraJacks

What happens when you keep this set of tetrajacks near you is that it reduces stress and increases a sense of happiness. This is subtle energy so you will not notice anything immediately but changes will occur.



DHEA Solution

DHEA Solution uses a patent-pending system that delivers DHEA into every cell in the body in about 3 minutes. This method of delivery is much more effective than that of any other DHEA on the market. The solution is taken orally, absorbed into the bloodstream and then quickly carried into the cells (rather than being destroyed by the liver as in most commercially-available DHEA products). Great for reducing headache pain!

This 2 ounce bottle contains 75 servings. Each serving (four sprays) supplies 27 mg DHEA and
4.8 mg Pregnenolone
Other ingredients: Vegetable glycerine, Purified water, Ethanol, Natural flavoring, FOS, Erithritol, Stevia



Vitamin D Forte Emulsified

Vitamin D has been in the news a lot lately when ever we are talking about a vitamin that is important to your health. It can not be overlooked when talking about brain health either.

1 oz liquid $19.95
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