Optimal Immune 1

Optimal Immune 1 is an immune boosting supplement herbal formula designed to work together with oil-based Optimal Immune 2 to provide the most powerful immune enhancing supplement combination we have yet offered. These two supplements test so strong, we are replacing Immune Force with them in our supplement line.

Optimal Immune 2 alone is as powerful as Immune Force and the addition of Optimal Immune 1 in situations were the immune system can be boosted significantly enhances it's ability to deal with unwanted cells and infections.

Optimal Immune 1 is built around four medicinal mushrooms known for their immune system boosting capabilities, and a proprietary formulation of nine important herbal extracts.

These herbs work together to both kill nonfunctioning cells, and to improve the function of the brain. This improvement enables the brain to better direct and control the immune system response against unwanted cells, pathogens and toxins. And of course helps to improve overall health too, especially with the additional liver support, free radical scavenging and anti-inflammatory benefits of the herbs. In our energetic testing Optimal Immune 1 gives a 55% increase in the ability of Optimal Immune 2 to boost the immune system response.

Ingredients per each 3 capsule serving:

Medicinal mushrooms: Organic U.S. grown Reishi, Cordyceps Sinensis, Turkey Tail and Mitake.

Herbs: Astragulus 4:1, Burdock Root 4;1, Turmeric Extract, Green Tea Extract, Mangosteen Extract, Bacopa Extract, Gymnema Extract, Mulehi Extract, Garcina Cambogia Extract, Guggul Extract, Colesus Extract, Piperine.

90 capsules $69.95

For situations where you want to add extra immune system help, it is highly recommended to add on the Optimal Immune 2. As a combo, 1 and 2 are $149.95




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