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Alka Super C
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Did you know that Vitamin C is considered a mineral salt? Most versions of supplemental Vitamin C are very acidic. Alka Super C is the world's first electron-charged version, increasing the pH of vitamin C making it much more alkaline. Alka Super C is bonded to the -OH in water molecules. The bonding enables extra electrons to be held to each molecule. This changes the way vitamin C acts. Rather than being an antioxidant, those electrons enable it to significantly increase the polarity, or voltage, of the cells which the molecules interact with.* This increases the health and life force of normal cells yet, the increasing polarity damages non-functional cells to the extent of causing cell death.* Alka Super C is taken on an empty stomach, mixed with distilled or purified water. Use 1 to 4 bottles per month. Ingredients: Alkaline Water Base, Vitamin C (Non-GMO Sodium Ascorbate) 10mg per serving. 16 servings per 16 fl. Oz. Bottle

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