AlkalOH is a skin gel designed to reduce and eliminate abnormal skin growths, skin wounds and especially to neutralize acid-loving bacterium on and below the surface of the skin.
The water concentrate in AlkalOH has had one hydrogen molecule removed (OH water instead of H2O). When this gel makes contact with the problematic skin area, it actively binds with acids and toxins and safely carries them out of the bloodstream, promoting rapid, deep healing.

When the body experiences disease or has manifested abnormal growth or trauma, the toxic cells involved will almost certainly be acidic in pH. Too much acidity reduces oxygen and results in undesirable skin conditions that are essentially acid burns.

AlkalOH provides a highly alkaline environment where bacteria cannot thrive or multiply. This potent gel promotes fast healing by removing excess acidity and allowing the immune system the upper hand.

The ingredients in AlkalOH have been carefully selected for optimal efficiency. In addition to the OH water and a potent blend of essential oils, AlkalOH also contains DMSO, a tree-derived compound that will help the product penetrate the skin very readily.

AlkalOH may be the single best product available for refreshing and regenerating the skin and for removing and eliminating unwanted skin issues. It is also an excellent moisturizer and safe for everyday use.

Rub AlkalOH into the skin and wait about 30 minutes before applying any other lotions.
For best results, wash before reapplying AlkalOH.

Use topically 3 -12 times per day.

4 ounce bottle. Ingredients Water, Proprietary High Alkaline Blend, DMSO, Xanthan Gum, essential oils of Angelica Root, Cedar Wood, Fir Needle, Frankincense, Pine Needle, Spruce, and Lemon.


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