One of the causes of disease is excessive free radical damage to your cells can harm your DNA and can cause problems in all sorts of ways. Every chemical reaction and toxin in you body can cause free radical damage. Combined with high acidity and low oxygenation, you've got a recipe for disease.

Another reason we have too much free radical damage is that processed foods generate more free radicals than whole foods and have fewer natural free radical scavengers to help protect you from those free radicals. On top of this, you are routinely exposed to at least 70,000 chemicals -- 20,000 of which are known cancer-causing agents. These all cause free radical damage too.

Free radical damage from toxins plays such a fundamental role in the development of disease, it is no wonder some of the first supplements people think of taking for improving health are free radical scavenging vitamins. Unfortunately, most of them are just okay at best.


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