Nymsar calms down the inflammatory, over-responding immune system that activates when pathogens or anything unwanted in the body is killed. For example, in the case of candida overgrowth, (which leads to food allergies), Nymsar can help reduce allergies by calming down the over-responding immune system that is causing the allergic response. It reduces inflammation throughout the body as it calms the immune system's inflammatory response.


In addition, the energies in Nymsar focus the body on increasing support for the liver. These energies improve cellular detoxification. This will enable your body to handle the toxins released when candida or other pathogens are killed, or when your body is exposed to high doses of toxins from external sources, such as chemotherapy. An overload of toxins, whether released by killed pathogens or unwanted cells, can overwhelm the liver. As they build up, your cells detoxification systems become overwhelmed.

Nymsar has energies that deactivate or calm down candida and other pathogens so they are not as active or aggressive. This would help to reduce flare-up reactions such as rashes and itching, or any flare up of symptoms the pathogen may be causing. By calming them down, Nymsar reduces their ability to activate or fight back, enabling them to be more easily destroyed. Ingredients: Frequency enhanced water