Oxy Life Force Elixir is our stronger new improved formula of Custom Elixir Oxy. It is a frequency enhanced energized water elixir that delivers instructions enabling your body to improve oxygen uptake and utilization. It also focuses on enhancing the life force energies of your cells and body as a whole.

Its energies improve the ability of your breathing to uptake oxygen and release carbon dioxide. They improve the ability of your red blood cells to deliver oxygen to your cells, and to get that oxygen into your cells. In addition the energies it transfers to your body stimulate repair of cellular mitochondria function. The mitochondria are the energy producing factories in your cells, converting oxygen to energy when working properly. Damage to the mitochondria reduces the cell's ability to produce energy aerobically using oxygen. Oxy Life Force Elixir works on all aspects of oxygen consumption and utilization. You may even experience a sense of better breathing when using Oxy Life Force Elixir.

Oxy Life Force Elixir works in conjunction with GeProCoQ10 and Q RME to improve the ability of cells to produce energy aerobically. In addition it will work on the energetics in your body, causing an increase in overall cellular vitality -- and overall health of your body as it subtly increases the life force energies in your body. Use 1 to 4 bottles per month. 2 ounce dropper bottles.

Ingredients: Purified spring water,organic orange and rosemary essential oils. The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make these elixirs creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to your body.

$39.95 or 3+ $36.95 each