Regeneration Elixir is a frequency enhanced water that delivers energetic vibrational messages to your body that work at the physical level to stimulate regeneration of the body, while also dealing with the mental and emotional patterns that create ill-health. It is several times more powerful than our previous product suggested for cellular regeneration, Regenerative Elixir. Regeneration Elixir may also help dissolve destructive mental and emotional patterns, resulting in vibrant health.

Similar to the way a homeopathic formula works, when you take Regeneration Elixir, it transfers its unique frequencies to your body, or specifically to the cells in your body as your cells communicate electrically. It is valuable for conditions such as osteoporosis or sickle cell anemia because it is telling those cells to regenerate. It basically is instructing the bone cells or the sickle cells to repair themselves. This speeds up the increase of bone density, or the ability of the sickle cells to function more normally, or any other cell to regenerate. It is rejuvenating at the cellular level for both organ systems and the immune system.
Ingredients: Frequency enhanced spring water, organic Orange and Rosemary oils

$39.95 each or, 3+ are $36.95 each

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