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Sickle Cell Elixir
Sickle Cell Elixir provides frequencies to reduce damage caused by the disease in a number of ways.
1. Increasing production of nitric oxide, specifically the enzyme synthase needed to produce nitric oxide.
2. Reduce the formation of peroxynitrate, a damaging free radical.
3. Increase production of pancreatic metabolic enzymes needed to digest dead sickle cells that are clogging the arteries or spleen.
4. Significantly increase cellular oxygen uptake.
5. Decrease production of sickle cell forming hemoglobin S.

This elixir is designed to help the body increase circulation and cellular oxygenation, then reduce the production of sickle cells while increasing the amount of healthy red blood cells being produced.

2 oz. Dropper bottle

Ingredients: Frequency-enhanced artesian water, essential oils of orange and rosemary.