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Wasting Combo
The Wasting Combo includes a month's supply of the products which can help to inhibit catabolic wasting. This combo includes 3 bottles of Endocar and 2 containers of Fulvitea.

Endocar is a supercharged, regenerative elixir with additional energies to support the body at the end stages of chronic illness. Endocar is intended to help optimize function of all the detoxification organs, encourage decreased wasting, increase nutrient absorption, improve the body's ability to deal with infections and boost celular life force energy.

Ingredients: Frequency enhanced, purified water; organic essential oils of Orange and Rosemary.

Fulvitea is a powder which supplies predigested protein peptides from white fish and other nutrients which help stimulate regeneration and repair in the body.
When muscle wasting is occurring, the body will use these predigested protein peptides (along with the colostrum and other nutrients contained in Fulvitea) to regenerate the liver. Fulvitea supplies protein in a form that can be utilized by the body immediately without the liver having to process it. Fulvitea supplies the nutrients, and Endocar the instructions, to regenerate the liver so that it can regain its ability to make protein from the amino acids digested from food.

Take this protocol for 2 months or as needed. This combo will save you $25 off retail pricing.