The body needs an adequate supply of Zinc, one of nature's most important nutrients for vibrant health.

Natural, organic ionic liquid Zinc concentrate, designed to support the body's natural defense system. This specially-formulated Zinc Sulfate supplies 99% absorption. Taking a liquid supplement gives faster, more noticeable results.

10 drops provides 15 mg of the best liquid ionic Zinc Sulfate available. One bottle supplies 100 servings. Being that this Zinc is in an ionic form, the body can break it down more easily than most capsules or pills.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that 1 mg Ionic Copper be taken for every 8-15 mg Zinc Mineral Concentrate consumed, in order to maintain healthy copper levels while taking zinc supplements.

Serving size: 10 drops

Servings per bottle: 100

Amount per serving: Zinc 15 mg

Ingredients: Ultra pure water, Zinc from ionized Zinc Sulfate. 1.67 fluid ounces.

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