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Alka Super C
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Did you know that Vitamin C is considered a mineral salt? Most versions of supplemental Vitamin C are very acidic. Alka Super C is the world's first electron-charged version, increasing the pH of vitamin C making it much more alkaline. Alka Super C is bonded to the -OH in water molecules. The bonding enables extra electrons to be held to each molecule. This changes the way vitamin C acts. Rather than being an antioxidant, those electrons enable it to significantly increase the polarity, or voltage, of the cells which the molecules interact with. This increases the health and life force of normal cells yet, the increasing polarity damages non-functional cells to the extent of causing cell death. In Kinesiology testing, we used a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being no effectiveness at all and 10 being maximum effectiveness. We tested Ascorbic Acid (AA), Buffered C (BC), Liposomal C (LC), Natural sourced C (NC), Vitamin C IVs (IVC), Optimal C Elixir (OC), and Alka Super C (ASC). Here are the results of this testing: Effectiveness as an Antioxidant: ASC - 0, BC - 2, AA & IVC - 3, NC & LC -4, OC - 7 Increases Cellular Energy (higher number is better): All forms of C were a 0, not increasing cellular energy at all, except ASC - 9. Alka Super C seems to be super strong for increasing cellular energy. Detoxification capacity: AA BC & NC - 0, LC - 1, IVC & OC - 3, ASC - 8 Improves overall health: AA & BC - 1, LC NC & IVC - 2, OC - 6, ASC - 8 Disables non-functional cells: AA BC LC & NC - 0, IVC - 3, OC - 6, ASC - 10. Non-functional cells cannot handle a large increase in energy and get disabled by Alka Super C Removes Candida and Parasites: AA BC LC & NC - 0, IVC - 1, OC - 5, ASC - 9 Deals with small Pathogens: AA & BC - 1, LC & NC - 2, IVC - 4, OC - 9, ASC - 10 Alka Super C is taken on an empty stomach, mixed with distilled or purified water. Use 1 to 4 bottles per month. Ingredients: Alkaline Water Base, Vitamin C (Non-GMO Sodium Ascorbate) 10mg per serving. 16 servings per 16 fl. Oz. Bottle