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AlkaHeal is the most powerful and profoundly healing serum we have ever offered. It is useful for rashes, psoriasis, warts, skin tags, liver spots, acne and abnormal, nonfunctional skin growths, and more. It reduces inflammation, and improves the overall appearance of skin even helping to reduce wrinkles. Its unique formula attacks bacterial and fungal infections.*  

In it, OH water molecules are bonded with sodium ascorbate electrons to greatly boost the effectiveness of the OH water serum. Organic MCT oil carries it deep into the skin. The electrons are supercharged by the OH water to create a very high voltage serum. This extremely high voltage provides several unique and powerful benefits that you won’t find in any other skin product.* 

First, the electrons zap and kill pathogens of all types, damage the nucleus of "non functional cells" in skin growths, and even remove toxins. Second, the very high voltage stimulates repair and regeneration in normal cells. Third, AlkaHeal will reduce inflammation and increase oxygenation in the area it is applied to. This also stimulates healing of the area, and is especially valuable for helping reduce the symptoms and pain of neuropathy. 

Because of its strong pathogen and "unwanted cells" killing ability, AlkaHeal tests at the highest levels for use on pathogen based skin growths such as warts and acne, and also "non-functional cell" growths. Because of its anti-inflammatory action and healing stimulation, it also tests superb for psoriasis and brown “liver spots”. It also tests excellent for removing wrinkles and very good for skin tags and moles.*

In addition, if the liver is inflamed, or a place within an inch of the surface of the skin is inflamed, apply AlkaHeal up to 6 times per day for relief.*

AlkaHeal also tests as being remarkably strong for improving eyesight and for helping to improve eye conditions. Close your eyes, apply it to the eyelids, and keep your eyes closed for a minute afterwards. Do this 3 to 6 times a day. While your eyes may feel better right away, it will take a long time to gradually improve these issues. Just stick with it.*

In general, AlkaHeal does a remarkable job of refreshing and regenerating the skin and eyes. It is an excellent moisturizer and safe for everyday use.*

“I wanted to mention to you that I love love your AlkaHeal skin product.  Not just for all my other skin booboos but it leaves my face baby soft.  It’s an excellent exfoliate (which I know you know is the secret to beautiful healthy facial skin).” Carol M.

"What a wonderful surprise the awesome Alkaheal is. It began working right away. I love this remedy - the beautiful presentation and the perfect consistency. My face is clearing a patch of fungus I have been working to clear for years. It is disappearing!" Cedona H.

Ingredients: Proprietary high alkaline water, sodium ascorbate, xanathan gum, lemon oil, organic MCT oil, raw Vitamin D, pure organic Vitamin E oil. 4 ounce bottle.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.