FemBalance is a frequency enhanced elixir, delivering energetic vibrational messages to your body that instruct it to balance all the female hormones. As a consequence, it would tell your body to produce less of hormones that are too high, and to produce more of hormones that are too low. Not only is this the safest way to adjust your hormones, as it enables your body to determine what it needs more of and what it needs less of, but it is also highly effective. FemBalance has been made using the QVF technology that is much more powerful then the Custom Elixir technology that was previously used to make our female hormone balancer, Custom Elixir FHB.

In fact using one bottle a month of FemBalance is equivalent to using six bottles a month of Custom Elixir FHB. You do not need to use more than one bottle a month, except perhaps temporarily for two weeks doing a double dose if your hormone levels are very low.

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