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Nano Red
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Using high-quality, wildcrafted herbal extracts of Bloodroot, Red Root, Dandelion Root, Prickly Ash, Poke Root and Black Walnut, as well as Humic and Fulvic acids, Nano Red cleanses your blood and lymph system of pathogens, normalizing blood and cell chemistry.*

Bloodroot and Red Root extracts, tinctures and teas have been used historically to treat bleeding lungs, pneumonia, the common cold, whooping cough, emphysema, sinus congestion and migraines.* 

When combined with some of the other herbs in Nano Red, Bloodroot has been very effective in slowing down a rapid heart rate.* Heart palpitations have been treated effectively with Bloodroot.* 

Nano Reds primary actions, however, are to clean up the blood and lymph system, improve spleen function and detoxify the body.* Coupled with the many other supporting herbs, essential oils, flower essence and homeopathic ingredients, Nano Red is more powerful than any Bloodroot or Red Root extract acting alone.* 

Ingredients: Proprietary herbal blend of super critical extracts: Red Root, Bloodroot, Dandelion Root, Prickly Ash, Poke Root, Black Walnut, Humic & Fulvic Acids, Grain Alcohol, Brandy. Larch, Pine and Oak Flower Essences, Homeopathic Calcarea Flourata 200. Organic Essential Oils of Grapefruit, Celery Seed, Ginger and Lemon. 2 oz. bottle.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.