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Radiant Care 11:1
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Radiant Care is a proprietary blend of structured water, oils and other nutrients that is emulsified in a patent pending process. It may be used internally or externally. Used externally, Radiant Care is a powerful pain reliever as it has been energized with many pain relief instructions. Apply it up to 4 times a day for quick pain relief. I am very impressed with Radiant Care. Fabulous for pain. So it must be great as well internally. I use it for headaches (gone fast!) and my side where I have some scar tissue from exercising too hard. The pain in my side goes away after application, but I do need to apply it a couple of times a day. And I noticed that the arthritis pain in my left thumb goes away when I apply Radiant Care just because that is the hand I apply it with! An additional benefit! B.D. It also improves the quality and health of the skin and decreases wrinkles. When applied topically, it will still enhance internal health by improving hydration of organs and tumors, boosting lymph and immune function. You can put it topically over the liver to improve liver function and reduce inflammation. Radiant Care taken internally improves health four ways. 1.