“I have been taking products from Get Healthy Again for some years now and I have to say they are some of the best products out there if not the best. Everything from CandElim, Respiratory Support, ESME Prostate, Tvoyu, and now OxyDHQ, Oxy Life Force Elixer and one of Robert’s newest products, Alka Super C. I can truly feel the power in these products to detoxify, and heal from virus, bugs, and Candida.

Plus Robert has just been so much help advising me as to what is ailing me and muscle testing what are the best products to help me personally. I am very grateful for all his wisdom and advice. Plus it is a pleasure dealing with his staff Evelyn and Dylan too.

What else to say, great company and great products.

Forever Grateful”

Michael Salamonee

"Out of a possible 5 stars I'd give GHA a 10 or higher. I've worked for years with Robert Harrison on a life threatening condition... he even developed a special frequency induced elixir specifically for my condition which, I believe, saved my life and put me on the road to recovery. In short, he and his staff are superb. Your health is their number one concern. I highly highly recommend them."

Kathy Nelsone

“I first came across GHA in 2009 when my mother had her second bout with …. She was given 7-8 months to live and that was unacceptable. We researched alternative treatments through GHA and she made it another 13 years. Sadly we lost her this year, but we are grateful that we were able to have her in our lives for an additional 12+ years. Our family has learned a lot from her experience and as a result would not rely solely on the medical treatments offered through modern medical practices. Thank you to Robert and staff at GHA for all your help over these past 13 years!”

Dan P.e

“I had leaky gut , many nutritional deficiencies due to that, and all associated symptoms. I was nearing menopause, so I had full health issues due to that as well.

Mentally, emotionally sound, but was starting to lose hope around my health. I had/have been a naturalist for many years, and Homeopathy and Ayurveda were helping but not really changing too much for me.

This was 2017, when I found Robert and his remedies through a dear friend. I was 52 years old and straggling, despite being mentally , emotionally and physically active.

Getting the Candida out of my system took time and much effort and expense, since I live in India and I had to pay heavy customs duties to get the products in.......But I was so benefitting in every way that I was determined to keep the treatment on.

IBS symptoms started to get milder, mental clarity increased, my overall energy and physical strength picked up and I started to become more active and enthusiastic. (Of course , I was following the Candida diet as carefully as I could , to support my healing, and had stepped up physical exercise and meditation)

I sailed through menopause, without any weight gain and minimal hot flushes etc

My sleep became better, and so more repair and recovery became possible.

I could go on..... Just saying that the shift in my health was powerful !

Friends and family commented on the cost....I was clear that I would rather spend on natural remedies and maintenance than in hospitals !

Five years hence, at 57 years, I am living life to its fullest !

I have also, since, recommended GHA to many that I know , all of whom have benefitted greatly !

I am ever-grateful for Robert's skills, his patience and his kindness !

Grateful also for the team that works hard to ship health to us all !

Viva la GHA !”



Hi Robert! “If I could write, I could write a book on all that you have helped me with through the years (if I remember right, like almost 20 years). And, as a result, I feel great at 75. Jack past away 10 years ago so I live alone on our farm. I still work outside and do all my own mowing etc.

Because of your protocols for Jack for PF, he lived 12 years longer than the doctors said he would. I had a team of 5 doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN tell me these words: "Sandy, you have done something we could never have done." I had told them about you and what Jack had taken.

Back to me, I don't know if I can remember all that you helped me with, but here are a few: I had low bone density confirmed by medical, wanted me to take their stuff and I said no. You gave me your protocol from Get Healthy Again which I followed. As a result, I no longer have low bone density = confirmed by doctor.

I had heart issues and again, followed a protocol you set for me. All my last tests have been positive. In fact, at my last physical, all tests came back great for everything. I have a friend who is a nurse practitioner and she did my physical and had tests done. I have no doctor nor do I want one. I do have a chiropractor who thinks like I do and he is amazed at my health. I take no prescription drugs or over the counter drugs.

You have helped me with thyroid, hair loss and hormone issues. I know I haven’t mentioned all the health questions I have had through the years and that you helped me with, the list is too long. :-)

And, I know I have not done justice to what all you have done for me. Sorry. Robert, there are no words to say how thankful I am and appreciate your guidance and all that you have done for me through the years. I am a testament of it.”

Sandy Smithe

“Robert Harrison’s products, knowledge, insights and integrity have been invaluable to me over the past decade. He has been able to find solutions to problems that other practitioners have missed. Health issues often have overlooked causes, and Robert has a unique ability to find those root causes and offer solutions that work. He works tirelessly to help his clients and develop innovative healing strategies. Robert and his company, “Get Healthy Again” is truly cutting edge!”

Lynne B.e

“I would recommend Get Healthy Again and Robert Harrison to anyone who has struggled to find the supplements for your optimal health and well being. Robert has some very thorough and tested solutions for getting your body back to balance. I first discovered GHA more than a decade ago when I had surgery for pre-c. Since then, my father (who had …. - and sadly passed because he stopped taking his elixirs from GHA) used the energy enhanced elixirs to live an additional 2 healthy years without surgery or chemo. My husband, who has an autoimmune condition, has also benefited greatly from the elixirs and all of Robert's great advice over the years. The compassion Robert possesses is something you can feel right away when you talk to him. He truly wants to help you get healthy again. He is my go-to when I have something I need to balance in my body. I would highly recommend this company.”

Lisa W.e

“I had been diagnosed with a serious disease. From the onset, I knew my healing would come from alternative medicine so I sought help from a renown homeopath and saw immediate improvement. From more research, I came across GET HEALTHY AGAIN. I have believed that the future of healing is ENERGY MEDICINE so I fell in love with muscle testing, energy testing - which is applied in large measure at GHA. Some home truths I learnt were that the condition did not develop overnight and shall not disappear overnight. This taught me patience and diligence in application. Having taken GHA products for some time. I can boldly recommend GHA to anyone facing any health challenges. Even after having been pronounced healed , I still take their products for maintenance purpose.

I thank God for the gift of life and appreciate folks at GHA for choosing to be open vehicles that GOD is using to heal whoever has had the good fortune to come in contact with them. GOD bless you more and more.”


“Advice and Products You Can Trust! I have been relying on a variety of these natural supplements, along with the guidance of Robert for 13 years now, and contribute the state of my health directly to this protocol. After receiving a c. diagnosis in 2009 I was scared and devastated. My doctors would not even entertain a question about the benefit of supporting their efforts with natural supplements and changes to diet and my environment. I scoured the internet and found GetHealthyAgain.com and the personal assistance of Robert Harrison. With this discovery I finally had hope, and developed a plan that could be used simultaneously with conventional medicine. I owe my health and happiness to this strategy. Over the years I have sought solutions to other ailments for myself, my family, and friends. I am always satisfied with results. It feels good to actively take part in the healing process. These cutting edge products and health-forward strategies stand heads above anything else you can find at a health food store. These are not fly-by-night promise-you-the-world overnight cures. These are not products you can find anywhere else. Robert is offering you a common sense strategy to take control of your environment and to assist your body in bringing itself back to a state of balance and health. Here’s to your health!”

Candice M.e


Dear Robert,

Thank you for allowing me to offer some testimonials.

1) I will share about my late husband. We both had felt that were it not for the various wonderful life-sustaining products we were getting from you, he would not have lived as long as he did. Considering the horrendous load of poisonous (my personal conviction) drugs the medical profession had him on, the dear man still managed to live on. He was an advanced diabetic; very bad heart, and had hbp as well. His mind was clear to the very last. If you remember, I did call to thank you after he died. I thanked you then and I thank you again.

2) This one is hard to condense. Have a couple who are very dear friends living in another state. Husband is a very hard to regulate, diabetic who kept gaining weight. I shared your CandiClear 5 product with the wife to see if it would help him. She very cleverly started to introduce the powder into all of his foods and dressings, etc. She started out with very minuscule amounts. Initially he grumbled about some grit in his salad, but she shrugged it off and he said no more. It has been well over a year now. She is very lavish in the quantity of powder she has been incorporating into his food, just about in every way and everything she can get away with. His blood pressure kept dropping and his weight slowly has come off. He has lost 30 lbs. so far and is doing wonderfully well with his blood pressure readings. She and I both feel this product definitely has helped in some mysterious way since it actually is not really intended for blood pressure! Gratefully,


“Robert, from GetHealthyAgain, is amazing. Mr. Robert Harrison has a natural gift and talent to where he reads the energy and understands the function of the body. He then recommends the nutritional supplements where our body is needs it the most. My 15 years old autistic and ADHD son has been working with Robert for a year and a half. Prior to treatment, my son was weak, socially withdrawn, had a lack of focus, not speaking too well and had many other issues behind the spectrum.

GetHeathlyAgain nutritional supplements and working with Robert was an experience which had taken my son to the next level. Robert’s vision, guidance, and products are exemplary to say the least. I’m so happy that I was referred to him. Not only does my son respond well from the treatment, but Robert also educates us, willing to answer any questions that we have along the way, and is very thorough with what he does and recommends.

I feel more motivated and inspired with our journey. Previously, I had tried so many other products out there but the ingredients were not pure as I wanted them to be. I had spend so much money with very little benefits. I feel very confident that GHA products are one of the highest quality, wholesome and natural ingredients. Now I have to say that my son seems to improve with these supplements. We have not encountered any side effects or bad reactions. The elixirs are in liquid drops and some supplements are in capsules or tablets forms that are small enough for my son to swallow.

I felt like I saw improvements with his ability to focus, has a longer attention span, speak a little clearer, shows more empathy and quiet sociable to people surrounding him to say the least. The improvements do take time and it’s worth the effort and investment. My son has made all A’s in his 8th grade year and performed extremely well in the state exams. This is a big WOW!! My daughter and I have health issues and we both are working with Robert to get our body healthy as well.

We have a long road ahead of us. I was lost until I found Robert. I am so blessed to have found GetHeathlyAgain where I can interact with Robert who is so knowledgeable and caring via phone calls and emails. With every phone call I made, the staff was willing to help answer all of my questions. They helped us so much and we can feel that it is coming from the heart. If you have any reservations, don’t. Robert will answer any and all questions thoroughly and will make sure that you feel comfortable every step of the way to understand what supplements to take and the science behind it.

We are immensely grateful for everything you have done for us, Mr. Robert Harrison. Thank you so much for your amazing nutritional supplements and for bringing my son back to me.”

Lynda K.e

Hi Robert, “We have been a client of GHA for about 18 months now. We have been very pleased with all the products recommended for our daughter so far. Robert has been extremely helpful when we are having difficulties. He has a wealth of knowledge about the human body as well as how our environment can effect us. He seems to know what is needed for our continuously changing daughter who has autism.

She has become more aware and her language continues to surprise us. She is expressing herself in ways she never had before. I am always surprised at how quickly we get a response to any questions we may have... The customer service is Excellent!

Thank-you Robert”

Andrea B.e

“To anyone who needs help with their health please give Robert Harrison and get healthy again a chance to help you, my name is robin I am from England and Robert guided me through my illness nearly 8 years ago now and I honestly believe Robert is a massive part of me being here now, in the last 8 years I have asked for help for many people and he has never let me down and had great results for a lot of really sick people, Robert and his team will never let you down they will always be there when needed nothing is too much trouble, this company and especially Robert Harrison are truly a one of a kind company and person, to anyone reading this trust these people god bless, get better, get healthy again”


Liverpool, England